Cotton Candy Cake

DSC_0131I am obsessed with all things cotton candy and sprinkles.  I love the smell of fresh cotton candy, the texture of the fluffy clouds made of nothing but flavored sugar.

After many  searches on Pintrest,  “Cotton candy cake” came up short.  So I decided to come up with my own cake recipes.   Many trials, errors and frustrations lead to this recipe, so I had to share:

I used my basic Vanilla Cake recipe and the Swiss Marange Buttercream (SMB).

Specialty supplies/ingredients needed:

Cotton Candy extract

Pink and blue food coloring (optional)

THE SECRET INGRIDIENT IS: Frozen Bean Cotton Candy Milkshake mix

DSC_0029 2

First, I substituted the buttermilk in the Vanilla Cake recipe for regular whole milk.  I used half of the Cotton Candy mixture and mixed in to the whole milk.   The package makes a 16oz milkshake, but I only used half for the cake portion. I then used the Cotton Candy and milk mixture as my wet ingredient (substitute for the buttermilk).

The cake batter will be a very light blue color, but still separate into 2 separate bowls.  One of the bowls with 2/3rds of the mixture and a second with the remainder.  Add a few blue drops to one  of the bowls and pink drops to the other.

Bake as usual.

TIP #1: if you have a convection oven bake at 325 degrees of 33 minutes.  The cake always comes out super moist and never burnt.

For the SMB make as directed. Once it is ready, add a table spoon of Cotton Candy powder and fully incorporate.  Color the buttercream as you desire, pink, blue or both.

For assembly just be as creative as possible because the possibilities are endless with this cake.

I used rock candy, cotton candy, gumballs and mini chocolate balls. For a little extra cotton candy flavor I sprinkled cotton candy sugar over the buttercream details.


TIP #2:

Leftover Cotton Candy cake? make it into a Cotton Candy milkshake.


3 scoops of vanilla ice cream

1 slice of cotton candy cake

Milkshake cotton candy mix

Assembly: Same rules as the cake apply, just be creative.

I used cotton candy, whipped cream, rock candy, caned frosting and sprinkles.

Poor and enjoy.









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