Swiss Marange Buttercream (SMB)

When it comes to buttercreams this has been my #1 Choice.  It is very easy and super fast to make.  It is also very Yummy!!!

What you will need:

200g of super fine sugar

150g of egg whites (room temperature)

1lb of butter (room temperature)

1 tablespoon of vanilla extract or a vanilla bean cut in half and scrapped

1/2 teaspoon of salt


Make sure the metal bowl is very clean, if needed wipe down with vinegar or lemon juice.

Place the sugar and egg whites into the a metal bowl and whisk together until fully incorporated.  I use the stand mixer bowl this way I don’t have to wash two bowls 😉

Place the bowl with the sugar and egg white mixture over simmering water.  Make sure that the hot water does not touch the bottom of the bowl.  Whisk non-stop until the mixture reaches 60 degrees Celsius (this can take anywhere from 3-10 minutes depending on the temperature of your ingridients).

Remove the bowl from the simmering water and wipe the excess water from the bottom of the bowl.

Place the bowl on the stand mixer.

Using the whisk attatchment and starting on slow speed increase the speed to high. Allow the mixture form a stiff peak consistency Marangue (anywhere from 3-5 minutes).  At this stage make sure that the bowl is cool to the touch.  If you have reached stiff peaks and the bowl is still not cool to the touch, place the mixer on low speed and wait for the bowl to cool down.

Once the bowl is cool to the touch, start incorporating the butter into the Marangue one table spoon full at a time.  When all the butter is incorporated, change the speed from low speed to high speed on the stand mixture and allow for the butter to fulling incorporate.  Scrape down the bowl in between mixing.

Once the butter is incorporporated slow the speed down to the lowest setting and add the vanilla extract or seeds from the vanilla bean.  Once again mix the SMB on high speed and scrape down the bowl in between to make sure the vanilla has been incorporated.

Lastly add the salt and allow the mixture to mix on high speed for 2-3 minutes. The mixture is now ready to be used.

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