Red, White and Blue 

This simple and beautiful 4th of July cake was so much fun to make.  My husband serves in the US Air Force, so it was only fitting he take the cake into work.

What you will need:

3-8″ round vanilla cakes (one red, one blue and one white)

2 batches of Swiss Marangue Buttercream (SMB)

One batch of ganache or candy melts

Chocolate or candy melt starts (Optional)

Blue and red colored sprinkles (Optional)


I used a simple vanilla cake  recipe and made a double batch.  I split the batter into 3 bowls and tainted 2 of them, 1 red and one blue.  I baked the cake according to the recipe directions.  After allowing the cake to cool, I prepared a double batch of Swiss Marangue Buttercream (SMB).  I took 2 cups of buttercream and separated the 2 cups into 2 small bowls.  I tainted one cup blue and the other red.

Using a candy melt molds make some red, white and blue stars and set aside.


Stack, fill and frost the cake with the white buttercream.  Using a small spatula take small amounts of blue/red colored buttercream and place randomly around the cake.  Using a bench scraper remove the excess buttercream off the cake.  Once you have the desired look place the cake in the fridge and chill for 30 minutes.

Placed the candy stars on top of the cake along with the red and blue colored sprinkles.